Winspeed: a tool for development and growth

Business aviation is now recognized as a tool for development and growth to serve businesses. While the United States still accounts for almost two-thirds of all applications, the countries of Europe and the Middle East have recorded double-digit growth over the last decade.

More productivity

Business aviation can optimize travel times in France and Europe: a return trip can be made in one day and thus avoid the consequent costs related to housing, restautant on site but especially to the time not productive in the terminals for destinations served by main lines, or on the road for other destinations. More comfort during your trip and more peace of mind: you gain productivity, stay focused on your goals, and increase the performance of the company.

Flexibility and speed

Choosing business aviation for business travel offers many advantages, including great flexibility in choosing destinations (as well as in steps on the same route) from Avignon airport. You set the departure times yourself, and save time by avoiding airport formalities, waiting for check-in or boarding, security checks, and so on.

The benefits of business aviation are well established. Including it in your strategy as a tool for developing and growing your business is more than relevant. You plane you gain! Fly and start to win!